31.03.2017. – “The untapped potential of self-service data analytics”


Data analytics has become critical for many business decision makers. However, many of these managers and data analysts still rely on spreadsheets and other legacy-era tools that fall far short of what is actually needed.

Self-service data analytics tools are quickly changing the way organizations are able to operate and make decisions. This is done by putting these powerful tools directly in the hands of analysts and decision makers. These modern tools empower line-of-business decision makers to be more efficient when seeking answers, and more effective when explaining results, because they understand nuances in the data, and the key business challenges, far better than anyone else.

On the flip side, today‘s business applications are generating an unprecedented amount of data from diverse sources both inside and outside of the enterprise. The volume of data being generated is increasing at dizzying rates.

This lecture will survey the landscape of Self Service Analytics, Big Data and Cloud Computing Technologies and Services. It demonstrates how all of these technologies can be used together to address real world business problems. The general content will be targeted for a Business Analysts, Manager, or Executive, but the lecture will include some high level technical information for those audience members who might like give this a try when they get home.

The lecture will be held on 31. March 2017 in the premises of the Congress Centre Forum Zagreb as part of the Green Gold Centre (Radnička 50, Zagreb) starting at 18:00 o’clock, and up to date information is available on our web page, Facebook page and LinkedIn group.

For members of the Association of MBA Croatia admission is free, for RIT alumni tickets are available with 50% discount, while the non-members ticket price is 50.00 kn and it can be purchased through this link.

About lecturer:

Dr. Steve Wallace, an executive-level business and technology leader with 30 years of proven leadership experience designing, developing and delivering Information technology and business Solutions.
Steve founded BizLitics LLC to realize his vision of how Business Analytics could be used to transform the way organizations use data to improve their performance. Steve also founded Health-Engage.com, a cloud based (A)ccountable (C)are (O)organization Engagement Platform that helps professionals to develop and implement new ways to provide to improve engagement and lower costs.

Steve has a BS in Operations Management from Syracuse University, an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), and is currently completing his Doctorate in computing at Pace University focusing on how companies use advanced analytics for competitive advantage.

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