Lecture: Gary Braid – Step up and be the leader!


So you are a manager, a coach or you have set up your own business. You have a team looking at you and you want to create a result. Managing wont get you there, blowing a whistle doesnt do it and owning the business wont get you there either, time to take the lead.

Gary has been leading all his life from his sporting days as an international rugby player, through his years in corporate management, raising five children, two of which are leading international rugby players themselves, to responding to the entreprenurial call and creating his own businesses. He will share the lessons he has learnt along the way and show his method for steping up to take the lead.

Gary has created a simple format he calls the Leadership Star giving 5 key areas of focus that can help when the going gets tough;
 when you are new to management,
 when you become a business owner,
 when you get a promotion and greater responsibility,
 when the situation changes and catches you off guard,
 when you are struggling to reach targets or budgets,
 your team is in a slump and struggles to find form,
 when you have a desire to create something and can't do it by yourself.

Gary describes leadership as CREATIVELY causing MOVEMENT in a SPECIFIC DIRECTION with the assistance of OTHERS for a SPECIFIC PURPOSE. This definition leads to the 5 points of the Leadership Star; Rules of the game, Gameplanning, Systemize, Teamwork, Action, though, as usual, the devil is in the detail.

The lecture will be held on 15th November 2017 in the premises of the Congress Centre Forum Zagreb as part of the Green Gold Centre (Radnička 50, Zagreb) starting at 18:00 o’clock, and up to date information is available on our Facebook page.

For members of the Association of MBA Croatia admission is free, while the non-members ticket price is 50.00 kn and it can be purchased through this link: https://www.entrio.hr/event/gary-braid-step-up-and-be-the-leader-4618

About lecturer:
Gary is currently a business consultant specializing in business intelligence systems, management reporting, business process enhancement and personnel leadership development. He is also coaching the Zagreb Rugby team playing in the Croatian National Championship competition. He has 10 years’ experience in sales management (area, regional & national level) within the brewing and hospitality industry, having stepped up from a star salesman; developing customer relationships; recruiting & coaching; strategic market development; cost center control. He has also had 8 years in business information management using IT systems, liaising between IT developers and business users, prototyping business systems and providing strategic analysis in all business areas.

14 years ago, he had his entrepreneurial seizure becoming a business owner by creating a hospitality business which he still owns, a software development business & currently, a business consulting service.