Choosing an MBA study is a tough choice for any person planning to enroll in an MBA study. In Europe, the ranking of MBA studies is novel, while there is still no ranking in MBA studies in Croatia that would point to the advantages and disadvantages of certain MBA studies.

In order to facilitate the choice of potential students of the MBA study, we have prepared a Comparative Study of MBA Studies in Croatia.

When choosing an MBA, we suggest that you lead the following questions:

• How long is the duration and intensity of the program and how do you fit into your time constraints?

• What is the balance of the course of study and your business needs?

• Is the MBA studying specific accreditation and cooperation with foreign MBAs?

• If the academic title is important to you – does the MBA have an academic title and what is the title level?

• What is the possibility of quality and long-term business networking with respect to the profile of attendants, the amount of teamwork, organized informal gatherings, alumni, etc.?

• If you are thinking of an MBA study abroad – is your job locally or globally? Will you be able to take advantage of contacts during the course of MBA studies?

Note: All information covered by comparing MBA studies is obtained from individual MBA studies.