Our leadership

At MBA Croatia, we are all leaders, but we have divided roles.

A word from our leadership

Our presidency, as well as our members, have graduated from various business schools. In the presidency we have alumni of INSEAD, London Business School, IMD, Cotrugli Business School and the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb. Read what our presidency thinks about MBA studies, the importance of business education, our association MBA Croatia and other topics.

Krešimir Profaca is the president of the MBA Croatia association and has been an active member of the association since 2013. He is a director of the Adria region of the TMF Group. He graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Zagreb and has an MBA from the prestigious INSEAD.

What is the most significant thing / idea you brought / received to the MBA Study?
Throughout the study, two important themes were constantly highlighted: modesty and teamwork. We learned how important it is to create new values ​​and that it should never be overshadowed by personal interests or ego. It was also emphasized and shown that we can create the most if we have a good team with us.

Ognjen Bagatin is the vice president of MBA Croatia. Ognjen is a co-owner of the Polyclinic Bagatin, and the majority owner of the media platform “Poduzetnik”. In 2010, he completed an MBA program at Cotrugli Business School.

How did you decide to enroll in MBA Studies?
I decided to enroll in MBA Studies after 4 years of working because I saw that I lacked more knowledge on how to better understand business. I just had a feeling that I needed something more, something better, something different and I am very happy that I decided to take that step because it definitely helped me develop myself as well as the family business.

Stephanie E. Trpkov is a member of the presidency of MBA Croatia. Stephanie is an entrepreneur, director of Intech Ventures d.o.o., and a longtime consultant at the World Bank in the areas of competitiveness and energy. She completed biochemical engineering and the Executive MBA program at Cotrugli Business School.

Why are you in the MBA Croatia Association?
Even as a child, I learned that if something is worth doing at all, it’s worth doing great. That is my life motto! Looking for excellence is something that drives me to this day, and the projects I do, can’t just be good, it’s not enough for me, they have to be great. That’s why I’m a member of MBA Croatia, that part of the constant pursuit of excellence that MBA Croatia and its members promote.

Marko Ćosić is a member of the presidency of the MBA Croatia association. Marko is a member of the Management Board of Hrvatska elektroprivreda d.d. (HEP). He graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb and he has Executive MBA from the prestigious INSEAD.

What did you expect from the MBA Study you went to? Did you get that?
MBA studies, but also the education and training I went through met my expectations, as each of them at that time brought me new knowledge, upgraded my way of thinking, connected me with colleagues from the business community and allowed me further personal and business advancement.

Ivan Franičević is a member of the presidency of the MBA Croatia association. Ivan is the CEO of RASCO, a leading manufacturer of transport infrastructure maintenance machines in Europe. Ivan completed an MBA program at the globally leading London Business School.

What is the mission of the association and what does it represent?
The mission of the association is to inspire everyone who comes in contact with its activities in creating a better and more prosperous society around us. Our desire is to promote the excellence of both the individuals and the companies they lead or work in and thus inspire each individual to influence and lead positive change that ultimately means a better environment for all of us.

Ivan Kurtović is a member of the presidency of the MBA Croatia association. Ivan is the CEO of InterCapital Asset Management, the leading asset management company in Croatia. Ivan has an MBA from the prestigious business school IMD and completed his undergraduate studies in finance at the University of Zagreb.

What is the vision of the association and what does it mean?
The vision of the association is to be alumni of world leaders. MBA Croatia is a truly unique association because it connects various MBA alumni of all schools, which gives it an additional special feature.

Matija Žulj is a member of the presidency of the MBA Croatia association. Matija is the founder of the agro-technological company Agrivi. He graduated computer science at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb and completed a MBA study at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb.

Why would anyone decide to enroll in an MBA Study? What does he gain by that?
Today, it is impossible to be excellent in leadership and management without understanding the entire business, the so-called. broader picture, and it is MBA studies that enable the acquisition of the knowledge needed to understand the bigger picture. Especially since teachings in business schools are based on real case studies of companies and give a lot of examples. When this is paired with the exchange of knowledge of people from different industries, you get a great opportunity for personal growth. And more importantly, networking that is realized through MBA study because the most important things in life and business are the people you are surrounded by.