MBA Croatia Association

MBA Croatia Association is an organization of academically high profile management individuals who are attending or completing some of the MBA studies.

We are the largest organized network of MBA Alumni of all business schools who are working, living and/or having any ties with Croatia. 

As well as of everyone who supports and promotes our values.

MBA Croatia gathers more than 1000 high profile management individuals in more than 15 events held yearly.

Our members and guests cover all levels of management and industries.


In the long term, the association works to join the best and most ambitious people from the business world and helps them continue with their education and career development and business. Every year, an increasing number of people join and contribute to the community with their ideas.

Aco Momčilović, HR consultant

The association keeps an interesting lecture every month, which is a form of continuous education.

Krešimir Profaca, Management consultant