“Building long term reputation vs being less popular today“


MBA Croatia announces a new interesting lecture on 17th Septemper 2019., at the Congress Center Forum Zagreb, starting at 18:00.

The lecture is held by Mr. Miroslav Klepač, a Member of the Croatia osiguranje d.d. Management Board specializing in finance.

The theme of the lecture is:

“Putting the elephant on the table – building long term reputation vs being less popular today“

About lecture:

In this interactive lecture we will explore questions like: Why is personal integrity important for careers and leadership in particular? How is it connected to building a personal brand? How to keep balance between  personal integrity and short term gains/results as well as people’s (including bosses) expectations. Lecture will explore how to build and maintain personal integrity, reputation and brand including examples of how being brutally honest  „partybreaker“ can sometimes turn tough opponents into ambassadors of your brand. With real life examples session will challange tradional view of integrity=high moral standards and introduce consistancy through time and expectations management as valuable tools to gain reputation and unique personal brand.

About the lecturer:

Miroslav Klepač is a Member of the Croatia osiguranje d.d. Management Board specializing in finance. He studied at the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb, from which he graduated in 1995, as well as at IEDC Bled School of Management, from which he gained an MBA degree. Although he began his career in the banking sector, he continued building it by working in senior management positions in telecommunications and insurance companies. In 2016, after leaving his post as a Management Board Member of Podravka d.d., he came to Croatia osiguranje d.d. and was appointed Member of Management Board in the same year. He regularly participates in expert panels and discussions and speaks at conferences focused on finance management, controlling and business digitalisation. He is the founder and member of the IEDC Alumni Club Croatia and a member of the Croatian Academic Business Club.

For members of the Association of MBA Croatia admission is free, while the non-members donation for this lecture is 80.00 kn and it can be donated through this link:


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Swiss School of Business and Management (SSBM) in collaboration with MBA Croatia awards 3 scholarship

Swiss School of Business and Management (SSBM) in collaboration with MBA Croatia awards 3 scholarships that are awarded through a Case Study Competition.

Application Process:
The scholarships are awarded to the winners of the „Contribution Task“.
1. Please write in one document, what is your area of expertise and how do you think it will benefit your colleagues on the MBA program if you share your knowledge with them.
2. Send us your CV
You have two weeks to send us your answers on the mail: [email protected](subject: MBA Croatia SSMB Scholarship)

– Apply for the Case Study competition by August 15th, 2019
– On August 26th, 2019 winners will be announced
– Best 3 candidates will be awarded according to the below awards scheme

1st place: tuition fee is reduced by 100 %
2nd place: tuition fee is reduced by 50 %
3rd place: tuition fee is reduced by 30 %

“Development and Growth of JGL”

MBA Croatia announces a new interesting lecture, May 21, 2019, at the Congress Center Forum Zagreb, starting at 18:00.

The lecture is held by Mr. Mislav Vučić, Executive Director of JGL.



The theme of the lecture is “Development and Growth of JGL”.


JGL is a company founded in 1991 as the first fully privately owned pharmaceutical company in Croatia.

The story of their success began with the separation from the Pharmacy “Jadran”, just after the break-up of Yugoslavia and the beginning of the production of generic drugs in the category of essential drugs. It was about small series medicines that were not interesting to the large pharmaceutical industry because they were not profitable.

Exiting from the local frameworks and expanding the business on the territory of Croatia, and then the region – Slovenia 1992, BiH in 1997 and Macedonia and Serbia in 2001 – made an additional step that created preconditions for further growth and development. The launch of operations on the markets of Russia (1998), followed by Ukraine (2004) and Kazakhstan (2006), from the current perspective has proved to be a key strategic decision for the company.

In manufacturing, the company strives to meet the diverse market demands of technological forms and therapeutic groups, so a wide range of JGL medicines allows doctors to choose the best cure for treating their patient.

Also, following the world trends and continually exploring the needs of customers, they developed a self-certification program that, with its innovation and quality, focuses on the prevention and maintenance of modern human health.


About the lecturer:

Mislav Vučić became the Chief Executive Officer of JGL in December 2017. In JGL comes from Teva Romania, where he has carried out the successful integration of Actavis as General Manager.

In his 20-year career in Pliva, Tivat and Sandoz, Mislav Vučić has gained experience in many areas of the pharmaceutical industry; prior to his current position in Teva, he was Senior Director of the Specialty Business unit (Innovation) for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), Senior Director of Prices and Market Access for CEE, Senior Director of Portfolio Management for CEE, Senior Director of Commercial Operations and Business Development for South East Europe (SEE), Director of Business Development for Western Europe at Sandoz’s Central Office in Munich, Teva Europa’s Portfolio Manager in Amsterdam, and started his career at Pliva in 1998 in Strategic Marketing, where he later worked on acquisition projects.

Mislav Vučić holds an MBA from the Institute of Business Business School, one of the best business schools in Europe, and has graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb.


And in this lecture we are supported and accompanied by our faithful sponsors: Journal PoduzetnikForum Center Zagreb, Feravino, qLife, Polyclinic Bagatin and Business Media Group.


For members of the Association of MBA Croatia admission is free, while for the non – members, donation for this lecture is 80,00 kn and it can be donated through this link:



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Doğuş group investements in Croatia

Mr.Burak Baykan, MBA graduate od Touro University in Moscow, CEO D-Marin and regional director Dogus group will hold a lecture for members and guests of the MBA Croatia association.
The lecture will be held on 16th April 2019., in the premises of the Congress Centre Forum Zagreb as part of the Green Gold Centre (Radnička 50, Zagreb) starting at 18:00 o’clock.

For members of the Association of MBA Croatia admission is free, while the non-members donation for this lecture is 80.00 kn and it can be donated through this link:


About lecture:

In this lecture mr. Baykan will talk about
Dogus group investements in Croatia, information on Dogus group investemnet in Croatia and experience we had investing in Croatia; general information about Dogus group and our overall activities in Croatia.

About the lecturer:


Touro University, Moscow: Master of Business Administration, Specialized on Marketing

Boğaziçi University Faculty of Business Administration; Department of Politics and International Relations


From 1999 till 2009 he held different executive positions in several companies in Russia including Dogus group which he joined in 2007. Since than he has been carrying different executive positions and responsibilities within the Holding; in 2010 he became Regional director for Croatia and Montenegro and in 2018 he became CEO D-Marin, a global marina network.

MBA Croatia SPECIAL EDITION Lecture – powered by Deloitte

Herman Van Rompuy, former president of the European Council, will hold a lecture for members and guests of the MBA Croatia association.

The lecture will be held on 14th of March 2019., on the premises of the Congress Centre Forum Zagreb as part of the Green Gold Centre (Radnička 50, Zagreb) starting at 18:00 o’clock.

Admission is free for members of the MBA Croatia Association, while the non – members ticket donation is 200.00 kn and it can be purchased through Entrio.hr link:


For non member visitors we have 40 available seats.

After the lecture, we invite all members and guests to our reception.

About the lecture:

The current economic and geopolitical situation in the EU, the problems faced by companies in the EU,

which includes:

• future of the “European project” – EU after Brexit, the general economic situation in the EU and its southeastern neighborhood

• Brexit – current state, commenting on new events in relation to the EU and the United Kingdom, providing a European perspective on Brexit and what it means for Croatia and the South East Europe region in general

• the rise of populism – in the context of European and national elections

• general geopolitical situation – EU relations with Russia, the United States, China, Turkey.

About the lecturer:

Herman Van Rompuy, President Emeritus of the European Council and former Prime Minister of Belgium, is now President of the European Policy Centre – one of the leading think tanks of Brussels. He is also a visiting Professor in several universities (SciencesPo Paris, the College of Europe, UCL, KULeuven, Ugent, etc.).

Herman Van Rompuy’s presidency of the EPC follows an impressive career in national and European politics; a former economist at the National Bank of Belgium, he began his political career in 1973 as national vice-president of his party’s youth council, before holding various responsibilities within his party and in the Belgian Parliament and government, serving in turn as Senator (1988-1995), Secretary of State for Finance and Small Businesses (1988), Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of Budget (1993-1999), Member of Parliament (1995-2009), Minister of State (2004), and Speaker of the House of Representatives (2007-2008).

At the time of his first appointment as President of the European Council in 2009, he was Prime Minister of Belgium. He was the first full-time President to take office when the Lisbon Treaty came into force. In 2015, King Philippe II of Belgium ennobled Herman Van Rompuy by making him an earl.

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Malo brodogradilište za velike igrače – ili kako biti profitabilan u Hrvatskoj, i to u brodogradnji

Shipyard Viktor Lenac - Croatia - www.lenac.hr - 08.03.2018.

MBA Croatia najavljuje novo zanimljivo predavanje, 19.03.2019., u Kongresnom centru forum Zagreb s početkom u18 sati. Predavanje drži gospodin Aljoša Pavelin, predsjednik Uprave i glavni izvršni direktor brodogradilišta “Viktor Lenac“.

Tema predavanja: “Malo brodogradilište za velike igrače – ili kako biti profitabilan u Hrvatskoj, i to u brodogradnji”.


Opis predavanja:

Vrućina, hladnoća, kiša, vjetar, prašina, buka… Zvuči neugodno? E pa još je gore … No, zato ovaj posao rade samo posebni ljudi. Ljudi koji su u stanju izdržati nedaće kako bi na kraju vidjeli rezultat svoga rada – zadovoljnog klijenta koji će se ponovo vratiti u brodogradilište. Priča o Brodogradilištu Viktor Lenac traje više od 120 godina, a pisale su je generacije upravo takvih, posebnih ljudi. Može li se uopće poslovati pozitivno u brodogradnji? Zašto ne treba miješati remonte i novogradnju? Što je uopće remontna brodogradnja i kako se razlikuje, a gdje su sličnosti s ostalim brodogradilištima u Hrvatskoj? Kakvo je tržišno okruženje na kojem posluje brodogradilište Viktor Lenac danas? Koji je ključni Lenčev izazov danas i kakve su u tom smislu sličnosti s drugim brodogradilištima? Što poduzimamo, kakvi su rezultati i kakva je uopće budućnost Lenca? Dođite, poslušajte, pitajte …


CV predavača:

Voli izazovne sredine koje zahtijevaju korjenite promjene. Fokusiranjem na strategiju, transformaciju i razvoj poslovanja razmišlja i gradi dugoročno, ne zanemarujući važnost kratkoročnog rezultata. Tijekom 18 godina je aktivno sudjelovao u izgradnji ICT sustava u Hrvatskoj, na različitim tehničkim i upravljačkim funkcijama. Većinu svoje karijere je radio za HrvatskiTelekom gdje je stjecao i razvijao vještine rukovođenja u korporativnom okružju. Kao krunu svoje ICT karijere smatra osmišljavanje i podizanje telekomunikacijske mreže nove generacije za Metronet telekomunikacije.

U svibnju 2016. pridružuje se “Viktor Lencu” kao predsjednik Uprave i glavni izvršni direktor te započinje transformaciju Brodogradilišta. Njegov fokus je na postizanju održive profitabilnosti kroz veću produktivnost, strogu kontrolu troškova i novu radnu kulturu. Diplomirao je automatiku i robotiku na Sveučilištu u Splitu i završio EMBA studij na međunarodnoj poslovnoj školi IEDC na Bledu.

Vjeruje da su znanje, vrijedan rad i osobni integritet ključne osobine za istinski uspjeh.


I u ovom predavanju nas podržavaju naši vjerni sponzori: Feravino, Poliklinika Bagatin, qLIFE, Časopis Poduzetnik, Business Media Group i Kongresni centar Forum Zagreb.


Obavezna prijava sudjelovanja preko Entrio linka:



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“Životni ciklus jedne velike informatičke tvrtke” – Ante Mandić

Ante Mandić - Vizual

Najavljujemo novo predavanje u organizaciji Udruge MBA Croatia na temu: ” Životni ciklus jedne velike informatičke tvrtke” – Ante Mandić


O predavaču:

Ante Mandić je rođen u BiH blizu Sanskog Mosta. Osnovnu školu je završio u Otoku, a gimnaziju u Vinkovcima. Nakon toga 1983. godine odlazi u Tehničku vojnu akademiju u Zagrebu iz koje nakon 5 godina studiranja izlazi kao diplomirani fizičar s činom poručnika. Nakon nekoliko godina boravka u operativnim vojnim jedinicama na zapovjednim dužnostima vraća se u Tehničku vojnu akademiju kao predavač predmeta – Vođenje i zapovijedanje te istraživač u području zaštite od nuklearnog oružja. 1985. godine magistrira na području kompjuterske simulacije diskretnih tokova. 1991. godine, početkom rata u Sloveniji napušta vojsku u činu majora te se zapošljava kao voditelj razvoja u jednoj maloj tek osnovanoj privatnoj tvrtki. 1992. godine osniva softversku tvrtku IN2 u kojoj i danas radi.

Tokom akademske karijere objavio je više od 20 stručnih i znanstvenih radova iz područja primjene računala u procesu vojnog odlučivanja te djelovanja nuklearnog oružja. U poslovnoj karijeri dva puta je proglašen za managera godine, jednom dobio Zlatnu kunu i odlikovanje za doprinos ekonomskom razvoju Hrvatske koje mu je dodijelio predsjednik Ivo Josipović


O predavanju:

U organizaciji udruge MBA Croatia, za sve članove udruge te za sve goste i javnost, gospodin Ante Mandić održat će 18. veljače 2018. godine u Kongresnom Centru Forum predavanje o svom poslovnom i životnom putu.

Gospodin Ante Mandić s nama će podijeliti sve što jednog poduzetnika čeka na tako velikom i dugom, ali uspješnom putu. Govorit će o tome kako i zašto je izabrao baš IT industriju i kako i zašto je vjerovao u budućnost i uspjeh iste te svoj put u toj industriji. Isto tako govorit će i o izazovima rasta jedne kompanije, kako i na koji način osigurati uspješan rast od svega nekoliko zaposlenika do jedne od najvećih hrvatskih IT tvrtki. I kao kruna svega, gospodin Mandić pojasnit će kako i zašto te kada se odlučiti na izlazak iz tvrtke, kome i kako je prodati. A opet, kako poslovni život ne završava prodajom tvrtke, moći ćemo čuti od gospodina Mandića i kakav je „Life After Exit“. Naravno, kao i svako predavanje udruge MBA Croatia, publika ima prilike pitati i saznati i više.


Predavanje se održava u Kongresnom centru Forum Zagreb, Radnička cesta 50, 1. kat ( Green Gold centar), 18.02.2019., s početkom u 18 sati.

Naša predavanja i ovoga puta prate naši vjerni sponzori: FeraVino, Poduzetnik.hr i Business Media Group.


Obavezna prijava dolaska na linku: https://www.entrio.hr/event/zivotni-ciklus-jedne-velike-informaticke-tvrtke-ante-mandic-6007


Ukoliko Vas zanima naš rad, a niste član naše Udruge, slobodno nas kontaktirajte na: [email protected]

ili na broj telefona: 095 758 3654, rado ćemo vam odgovoriti na sva vaša pitanja.


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