Improve Your Organization: Strategy, Structure and Communication

Lifelong learning at MBA Croatia: this time on how to improve your company from strategic, organizational and communication view point.


MBA Croatia is an organization of all MBA alumni and everyone who is willing to support values that organization stands for: knowledge, ethics and integrity being some of them. The largest aspect of our impact and activities is promotion of education in business and consequential life-long learning. In regards to that MBA Croatia organizes lectures and workshops.


MBA Croatia Workshop: Alan Žepec

One of our workshops was held on September 27th 2021: “BOOM – The path to freedom of every entrepreneur and manager’’. MBA Croatia workshops are held for members by the members. In this way, in a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere we are not only learning but also have discussions after the lectures where everybody can participate.

This workshop was held by our member Alan Žepec, founder and director of LQ d.o.o. He has 29 years of entrepreneurial experience and 15 years of working with people and organizations. In an interactive way our members were able to learn some aspects of coaching and how to apply active listening in leading a team as well as the organization. We have also learnt how we can improve strategy, organization and communication in our company.

Improving company’s strategy, organization and communication

Participants were able to learn how to apply certain methods in order to improve company’s strategy, how to improve organizational structure as well as how to improve communication in the team and across the company.  The conclusion was that on the strategic level, it is important that everyone in the organization is aligned with future picture of the company. And that can be achieved by continuous reflection on where the company is (weekly, as well as quarterly). It was recommended for the teams in the organization to be small and self-led as well as self-governed. Also, as much autonomy should be given to the teams.  On the communication front, maximum possible level of transparency should be given (e.g., transparency of salaries, no gossip, bilateral feedback and coaching style of communication: listening.


Participants confirmed that rarely these principles are practiced in the teams and companies they lead or work at. Some principles were challenged as well. Although participants challenged whether these recommendations can be applicable in all organizations, consensus was reached that they are definitely applicable in certain measure.  It was concluded that each organization is different and needs to be approached in a custom way.

After the workshop, members of MBA Croatia had networking session where the discussion continued over drinks and refreshments.