Doğuş group investements in Croatia

Mr.Burak Baykan, MBA graduate od Touro University in Moscow, CEO D-Marin and regional director Dogus group will hold a lecture for members and guests of the MBA Croatia association.
The lecture will be held on 16th April 2019., in the premises of the Congress Centre Forum Zagreb as part of the Green Gold Centre (Radnička 50, Zagreb) starting at 18:00 o’clock.

For members of the Association of MBA Croatia admission is free, while the non-members donation for this lecture is 80.00 kn and it can be donated through this link:

About lecture:

In this lecture mr. Baykan will talk about
Dogus group investements in Croatia, information on Dogus group investemnet in Croatia and experience we had investing in Croatia; general information about Dogus group and our overall activities in Croatia.

About the lecturer:


Touro University, Moscow: Master of Business Administration, Specialized on Marketing

Boğaziçi University Faculty of Business Administration; Department of Politics and International Relations


From 1999 till 2009 he held different executive positions in several companies in Russia including Dogus group which he joined in 2007. Since than he has been carrying different executive positions and responsibilities within the Holding; in 2010 he became Regional director for Croatia and Montenegro and in 2018 he became CEO D-Marin, a global marina network.