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A member of the Association may become any private person who has completed an MBA study in the Republic of Croatia or abroad, who is a student of the same or as a donor.

1. Absolutely accept the Statute of the Association, as well as all other tools provided by the Association

2. Acceptly accepts the Code of Ethics of the Association and regularly pays the annual membership fee,

3. He/She actively participates in the activities of the Association.

All private persons who wish to participate in MBA Croatia’s activities and are not attendees or graduates of MBA studies can join the Association as donors.

By paying a donation to the membership fee, the rights that apply to members are exercised.

The amount of the annual membership fee depends on the month of payment of the membership fee and is defined by the Rulebook on Memberships, so that if you pay the membership fee for the current year from January to May, you pay the full amount of the membership fee amounting to EUR 150,00 and the membership is up to the end of the current year.

If you join in the period from June to November, your membership costs EUR 100,00 and your membership is up to the end of the current year.

For those who join in December, the membership fee is in the amount of EUR 150,00, membership lasts until the end of the current year, and lasts for the whole following year.


How to fill out a payment?

IBAN: HR6424020061100561264

Recipient: Udruga polaznika i diplomanata MBA studija Croatia

Address of the recipient: Vitezićeva 2, Zagreb

Description of payment: Članarina 2024. SURNAME

Reference number: 00 OIB


After the payment you must send the certificate to the same secretary of the association at – [email protected] together with this document: