Ivan Franičević, a member of the presidency of the MBA Croatia association

Ivan Franičević is a member of the presidency of the MBA Croatia association. Ivan is the CEO of RASCO, a leading manufacturer of transport infrastructure maintenance machines in Europe. Already during his studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb, he founded two companies in the field of telecommunications and IT technology, including an international telecommunications operator with operations in the Middle East. He was also Sales Manager at Siemens, and after completing his MBA program at the globally leading London Business School, he joined RASCO as Chief Operating Officer until taking over as CEO in 2015.

How did you decide to enroll in MBA Studies?

My basic education is highly technical. I have a B.Sc. in electrical engineering, but my interest has always been twofold. As a student, I had my first trips to entrepreneurial waters, founding two companies. I quickly realized that a strong combination of technical knowledge and business education is a great formula for successfully fulfilling my ambitions in business waters. Therefore, the decision to enroll in MBA studies was somewhat natural.


Why are you in the MBA Croatia Association?

Personally, I think that one of the key problems of modern Croatia is the lack of leadership, which stems in part from a lack of formal education. Therefore, it is necessary to popularize MBA studies and educate the generation of new leaders. I believe that it is my duty to contribute to the development and popularization of MBA studies in Croatia. It is logical to unite all former MBA students, regardless of affiliation to a particular school, in one common network and achieve the goals of promoting MBA studies, which is the foundation of my membership in the Association.


What is the mission of the association and what does it represent?

The mission of the association is to inspire everyone who comes in contact with its activities in creating a better and more prosperous society around us. Our desire is to promote the excellence of both the individuals and the companies they lead or work in and thus inspire each individual to influence and lead positive change that ultimately means a better environment for all of us.


What are the values ​​of MBA Croatia?

The main values ​​we promote are ethics, high integrity and personal responsibility. Although as an association we bring together highly educated business people, our goals are aimed at improving the business and social climate, developing a society of responsible and engaged people who want and have a personal ambition to contribute to changing the way society thinks. In doing so, we want to be inclusive of all those who want positive social change, and we believe that we as members must be curious, eager for new knowledge and, of course, ready to contribute in every field in which we are involved.