Ivan Kurtović, a member of the presidency of the MBA Croatia association

Ivan Kurtović is a member of the presidency of the MBA Croatia association. Ivan is the CEO of InterCapital Asset Management, the leading asset management company in Croatia. Ivan is in charge of managing sales and business development and digital transformation of the company. Ivan has previously held various roles within the InterCapital Group for 12 years, and led the largest investment banking platform in Southeast Europe, which was also part of the InterCapital Group. Ivan has an MBA from the prestigious IMD Business School (from Lausanne, Switzerland). He also has a Global Management program certificate from INSEAD and has completed an undergraduate degree in finance at the University of Zagreb.

How did you decide to enroll in MBA Studies?

Even at the beginning of college I had a great desire to go to MBA study after graduating. As time went on, and I met various people through the faculty and the work of the student association, the choice fell on IMD – a business school in Switzerland and one of the top business schools in Europe.


What is the most significant thing / idea you brought / received from the MBA Study?

Work and development of oneself is the most important thing. We live in a world full of challenges and changes, and it is up to us to continuously adapt so that the whole team and thus the business can respond to all challenges and changes at all times.


Why are you in the MBA Croatia Association?

Ever since the completion of the MBA program, my desire has been to get involved in the work of the Alumni Association of IMD. As alumni are relatively scarce in Croatia (as with other MBA programs), MBA Croatia is an ideal medium for socializing with people who share similar values ​​in an informal atmosphere; the values ​​of continuous work and self-improvement as a person because only in this way can we give more to the environment, organization and society as a whole.


What is the vision of the association and what does it mean?

The vision of the association is to be alumni of world leaders. MBA Croatia is a truly unique association because it connects various MBA alumni of all schools, which gives it an additional special feature.