Krešimir Profaca, the president of MBA Croatia association

Krešimir Profaca – the president of MBA Croatia association

Krešimir Profaca is the president of MBA Croatia association and has been an active member of the association since 2012. He is a director of the Adria region of the TMF Group. Previously, he held the position of CEO and Board Member of some of the largest Croatian companies in its industries for over 10 years. He worked in the telecom industry, as an entrepreneur (the first Croatian MVNO) and corporate manager (T-Mobile, Deutsche Telekom). Krešimir Profaca lived and worked in the USA where he worked in the software industry as an engineer and entrepreneur. He graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Zagreb and has an MBA from the prestigious INSEAD.

How did you decide to enroll in an MBA?

At the beginning of my career, my job was focused on its technical aspect. With time, it required more and more of understanding of the business side of the projects and tasks that I have worked on. I began to explore what would be the next best step in my career in response to these challenges. The conclusion was that I needed to upgrade my knowledge through business school, hence MBA.

What is the most significant thing / idea you brought / received from the MBA Study?

Throughout the study, two important themes were constantly highlighted: modesty and teamwork. We learned how important it is to create new values ​​and that new value creation should never be overshadowed by personal interests or ego. It was also emphasized and shown that we can excel the most if we have a good team with us.

Why did you decide to join the MBA Croatia Association?

One of the greatest sources of knowledge and learning in business school are other colleagues. Business school is designed so that one large part is the transfer of knowledge from colleagues. Consequently, many business schools have the so-called "Alumni" organizations (associations of all graduates of business school). That allows students to stay connected after school and to maintain this form of learning. MBA Croatia is conceived as just such organization: an association where MBA graduates will connect and continue to study after graduation. As I wanted to continue connecting with all MBA graduates even after finishing business school, the MBA Croatia association was an excellent
opportunity for that.

What opportunities do the new members of the MBA Croatia Association have at their disposal after joining?

Learning from other MBA colleagues with diverse experiences and knowledge is something that needs to be put in the forefront. The association organizes numerous events where members can meet all
other members, but also the wider business community. Events like lectures, where members can always hear and learn something new from top experts and leaders in their fields and disciplines. Workshops where members can hear new and interesting things from colleagues. Being part of a community that stands for something good, and that is our mission, vision and values.