MBA Croatia: Dodjeljujemo 50% stipendiju


Dodjeljujemo 50% stipendije (1500 €) u suradnji sa Integral School of Organization Development

There are two scholarships/partial tuition waivers offered by the School in partnership wih MBA Croatia Association. These are awarded before the Program begins, with April 20 2015 as the final deadline to submit applications.

Integral School of Organization Development is making available one merit-based tuition waiver up to € 1,500 + VAT (50% of the tuition fee) to 2015/16 candidates with an outstanding profile.

Tuition waiver is available only to students with an outstanding personal, academic and professional background and
meeting the following requirements: they come from Croatia, and they meet all admissions requirements for the participation in the 2015/16 Program.

Applications for the tuition waiver must be sent via e-mail to the following email address:

The deadline to submit an application for scholarship/tuition waver is April 20 2015.

Applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Analysis of academic and professional record,
  • Analysis of motivation to attend,
  • Results of the candidate selection process (interview).

The Commission is formed that will review applications and choose who the scholarship should be awarded to. Members of the Commission are:

  • Darko Cesar, President of ISOD
  • Aco Momčilović, President of MBA Croatia
  • Marko Lučić, Editor-in-Chief of qLife

The amount of the tuition waiver assigned (up to the 50% of the tuition fee) is at the discretion of the Commission and their decision is final and unquestionable.

To be eligible for the scholarships/tuition waivers applicants must:

– send the application e-mail to [email protected] until April 20 2015
– in the attachment to that e-mail send a brief (1 to 2 pages) Résumé that includes academic record, professional record and an explanation of motivation to attend the Program.

Applicants can choose to submit their applications in Croatian or in English.